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Learn from Dr James Fedich, DC Author of Secrets of a Million Dollar Practice and host of the top Chiropractic Podcast, Dr. J's Path to success. Dr J is running a multi million dollar a year practice and get his New Patient Lessons from the trenches

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An interactive with Dr James Fedich

Author of Secrets of a Million Dollar Practice

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Author of Secrets of the Worlds Best Chiropractors

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Author of the Chiropractic Success Planner

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Host of the Path to Success Podcast

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I'll show you how a Multi-million Dollar a year Chiropractic Office generates 90 plus New Patients a Month!

Best of All, Lessons are taught inside a private facebook group, so you can interact with Dr J!! Here’s what I’ll learn:

  • NP Math
  • Welcome Procedures
  • Having Staff Help out!
  • More Testimonials
  • and more!

Price: $97